Bears vs Babies

What is this?

This is a card game
where you build monstrous bears
who eat horrible babies.

It was made by the same intelligent and attractive
people who brought you Exploding Kittens.

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Keep scrolling and learn more by reading words
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Bear stares at baby, baby stares back.

How it Works

You build magnificent, glorious Monsters to…
Bears vs Babies | Bear/Monster Sample
…eat despicable, horrible babies.
Bears vs Babies | Babies Sample
The player to eat the most babies wins!
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Beef-Up your monsters with nunchuck wielding t-rexs, friggin' sweet power tools,
intravenous caffeine drips, and saucy sombreros.
Beefed-up Monsters
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Intensify gameplay with Wild Provokes, Dismemberments, hidden identities, and softly sung lullabies.
Actions, Baby!
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Have fun sending other players into battle
while they are woefully unprepared.
Even though you are battling baby armies,
the real fight is between each other.
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It's all about building amazing monsters, eating delicious babies and destroying the competition!

Visit the 'How to Play' page to watch an amazing video and learn how the game is really played.

We know what you're thinking

Lobster Taco Monster and Beard Baby
Scary Hairbaby
Thanks for asking, Scary Hairbaby.
You can head on over to the Exploding Kittens Web Store and grab yourself a copy today!
And don't be selfish, get your mom one too!
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